Waterfront Seattle: Pecha Kucha Video now Live!


Pecha Kucha Seattle final poster with all presenters.

I Cover the Waterfront Pecha Kucha Video

Seattle is in the process of reimagining its waterfront. As we move toward this new vision, we want to take time to collectively explore and celebrate the waterfront in all its facets: its history, structures, biology, art, and the many businesses, organizations and people who call it home. This evening will brought together presentations focusing on all aspects of the waterfront – its history, happenings and its future. The event was held on Thursday, November 29 at 6 PM, 2012 at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Order of Presenters:

6:25 Presentation 1 – Saaduts, Haida Carver– [introduced by Samantha Updegrave]
6:35 Presentation 2 – Maggie Walker, Friends of Seattle Waterfront – [introduced by Elissa Favero]
6:45 Presentation 3 – James Garth Todd – [introduced by My Tam Nguyen]
6:55 Presentation 4 – Cary Moon – [introduced by Elissa Favero]
7:05 Presentation 5 – Ruri Yampolsky – [introduced by My Tam Nguyen]
7:15 Presentation 6 – Ben Petty – [introduced by My Tam Nguyen]

7:15 – 7:40         INTERMISSION

7:40 – 7:45 – Gettin’ everyone seated again, Group 2 Intro (Ana Pinto Da Silva.)

7:45 Presentation 7 – Imani Sims – [introduced by My Tam Nguyen]
7:55 Presentation 8 – Cindy Updegrave – [introduced by Samantha Updegrave]
8:05 Presentation 9 – Kristin Ebling and Jasper Dohrs  – [introduced by My Tam Nguyen]
8:15 Presentation 10 – Eric Frederickson – [introduced by Ruri Yampolsky]
8:25 Presentation 11 – Anna Hoover – [introduced by Elissa Favero]

About Pecha Kucha:
There are now Pecha Kucha’s in over 572 cities worldwide, and events happening almost every day around the world. Pecha Kucha is transforming the way we create, consume and comprehend the creative process and creative output. Additionally, you should know that Pecha Kucha has always been and remains free to the public. We operate on the gracious donation of blood and sweat of our volunteers, gallery owners and presenters (like you!)….and all events are always free to the public.  Join the revolution…it’s truly fun.

About Pecha Kucha Seattle:
Pecha Kucha Seattle was founded in 2006. Since its inception, we’ve hosted 39 events city-wide, collaborating with institutions such as the Seattle Art Museum, Olsen Kundig Architects, Recovery Cafe, the Bellevue Arts Museum, Seattle Center to name a few. We’ve hosted over 400 presenters and have reached thousands of people over the years as we celebrate the amazing people that make our region so wonderful. Each evening has been structured around a theme: Love, Story, Art vs. Science, Giving, Going Rogue, Indian Country, Craigslist, What Was Old is now New, & Improv (to name a few). But the meta-focus is always the same: providing a place for creative cross-pollination that is generative, personal and truly engaging.

About the Waterfront Seattle Project:
Waterfront Seattle is an incredible opportunity to tranform our central waterfront. With the removal of the failing Alaskan Way Viaduct and replacement of the deteriorating Elliot Bay Seawall, we have an unprecedented chance to create a new public space and reconnect the city to the waterfront.

About the Seattle Art Museum:
The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Connects Art to Life. SAM provides a welcoming place for people to connect with art and to consider its relationship to their lives. SAM is one museum in three locations: Seattle Art Museum downtown, Seattle Asian Art Museum at Volunteer Park, and the Olympic Sculpture Park on the downtown waterfront. SAM collects, preserves, and exhibits objects from across time and across cultures, exploring the dynamic connections between past and present.