Rental Housing Inspections Begin in Seattle This Spring

A selection of rental housing properties will receive safety inspections starting this month. These inspections are taking place under the Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO), which was established by the Seattle City Council to help ensure that rental housing properties in Seattle are safe and meet basic housing requirements and safety standards.

RRIO Program Update

Seattle’s Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) program is now open for business! You can now register a rental property, find registration due dates, see the RRIO checklist, and get your questions answered by phone or email.

Rental Registration Director’s Rule Available for Public Comment

In October 2012, the Seattle City Council passed the Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) to help ensure that all rental housing in Seattle is safe and meets basic housing maintenance requirements. All rental properties in Seattle are required to register with the City starting in 2014 and will be inspected at least once every 10 years.

Preliminary Director’s Rule Relating to Floating Residences

When does the Seattle Shoreline Master Program (SSMP) allow floating residences? DPD has been asked to provide a Director’s Rule to assist owners of vessels and other floating properties currently moored in Seattle waters who seek to use those properties as residences. The rule will provide criteria for determining whether a floating residence meets SSMP requirements. The rule will not apply to floating homes or house barges.

Time to Trim Weeds and Vegetation

Overgrown vegetation can make sidewalk travel difficult and cause traffic hazards. Many property owners and occupants don’t know that they are responsible for maintaining vegetation on the public right-of-way next to their property— including the sidewalk and planting strip, alleys, walkways, and roadways. We rely on property owners and occupants to comply with code requirements for vegetation maintenance and will notify them of violations when we receive a complaint.

DPD Service Outage – Aug. 30 to Sept 5

All DPD web applications will be out of service, due to electrical repairs on Aug. 30 at 5:00 p.m. to Sept. 5 at 8:00 a.m. During the outage, you can still schedule inspections at (206) 684-8900 and file a complaint at (206) 615-0808. Permit and other services will be limited during the interruption. For questions about available services, call (206) 684-8850. Visit on Sept. 4 and Sept. 5 to learn if DPD is back to regular business operations.