Where are We Going? Seattle’s Transportation Future

What is the future of transportation in Seattle? What can Seattle learn from other cities?

The Seattle Department of Transportation is bringing the expertise of national and international leaders who transformed cities through transportation to help Seattle see our streets and sidewalks in a new light. Join these leaders as they challenge us to develop a transportation system than can meet current demands while also looking ahead to future needs.

Looking Toward the Future & Listening for New Voices in Shaping Policy in Seattle

The City of Seattle is one of seven finalists for City Accelerator competition focused on civic engagement. City Accelerator is an initiative of Living Cities and the Citi Foundation. Seattle’s engagement proposal focuses on the Seattle Comprehensive Plan. The City Accelerator would help Seattle design and implement its approach and structures that would sustain it over time. Visit the City Accelerator site, rate our video, and tell us what you think by April 3!

Seattle Priority Green—Program Updates & Open House

The Priority Green program is a voluntary green building permit incentive that was established by DPD in 2009-10. The incentive program encourages project teams to reach for a higher level of sustainability in exchange for an expedited permit process. We’ve made some recent requirement changes, and we’re proposing some new requirements. We’re hosting a Priority Green open house to get your feedback.

Three Stormwater Code and Manual Update Meetings this Month

We invite you to attend the special Stormwater Code informational meeting for the Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods (SPUN) Committee. It is on Friday, April 3, at 9:30 a.m. in the City Hall’s Council Chambers, 600 4th Avenue. Essentially we are presenting “Stormwater Code 101” to the SPUN Committee.

New Phased Permit Webpage and Forms

DPD has created a new Phased Permit webpage to describe phased permits, and a new application form to make it easier for you to request that your project be phased. A phased permit allows you to submit your construction plans for a new building in multiple pieces.

Shoreline Master Program Update

City Council will vote on Seattle’s Shoreline Master Program update in April. The program protects water-dependent activities and shoreline habitat, and provides for public access. The last comprehensive update of the Shoreline Master Program was in 1987. The anticipated effective date of the new regulations will be in May 2015. One of the changes to the Shoreline Master Program requires owners of floating residences to record their residence with the City.

Youth Opportunity Summit

Mayor Murray is convening an all-day Youth Opportunity Summit, with a particular focus on improving outcomes for young men of color. This Summit is intended to launch a new conversation about how we can build on the good work of our community partners through better alignment of resources, better coordination across systems and agencies, and through lifting up the voices of young people to address longstanding disparities.

Seattle 2035: Civic Planning, Past, Present and Future

Reflecting on history is an important aspect of Seattle 2035, the update to Seattle’s comprehensive plan. Over 100 people gathered on March 19 at MOHAI to do just that at “Seattle 2035: Civic Planning, Past, Present and Future,” the latest edition of MOHAI’s History Café. Historian Jennifer Ott offered a brief overview of post-war planning and moderated a panel that included Diane Sugimura, Director of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development; Greg Nickels, former City of Seattle Mayor; and Rebecca Saldaña, the Executive Director of Puget Sound Sage.

Industrial Lands Policy Discussion Recap

In March, DPD hosted a series of three meetings (located in Ballard, Interbay, and Georgetown) to discuss proposed industrial lands policies that are part of Seattle 2035, the City’s major comprehensive plan update. The proposed manufacturing/industrial center (M/IC) land use policy amendments emerged from a 2013 study of the Greater Duwamish Manufacturing and Industrial Center.

A Strong Stewardship for the 23rd Ave Action Plan

Since the Central Area Block Party September 2014, the project team has been updating the 23rd Ave Action Plan (Union-Cherry-Jackson) and Urban Design Framework based on community feedback. At the meantime, the 23rd Ave ACT, now called the 23rd Ave Action Community Team has evolved into a strong stewardship to implement the Action Plan.