Noise Compliance Workshop

DPD’s Noise Abatement program is holding a workshop on April 23 to explain the Seattle Noise Code’s effect on mechanical equipment and the associated permitting requirements to Seattle area mechanical contractors.

Electrical Alert – Seattle Energy Code Changes!

The 2012 Seattle Energy Code went into effect December 27, 2013. The date of your project’s associated building permit application will determine which version of the energy code applies to your project. If your building permit application is dated before December 27, 2013, we will review your electrical plans under the 2009 Seattle Energy Code. All other electrical plan review submissions must comply with the 2012 Energy Code.

Unreinforced Masonry Retrofit Policy Development Update

DPD has reconvened the URM Policy Committee to review the Benefits Cost Analysis (BCA) and to confirm or amend draft recommendations for a mandatory retrofit policy. The committee held two meetings in March to hear a presentation on the BCA and to start a discussion on how the results may trigger changes to the draft recommendations.

Changes to Priority Green Expedited Thresholds

DPD’s voluntary green permitting incentive, Priority Green Expedited has grown considerably over the last 3 years. We have seen substantial growth in small residential new construction permits for single family, duplexes, townhouses, and rowhouses. Overall we have seen 258 applications for building permits enroll in the expedited program: 200 small residential, 47 large multifamily and 11 commercial projects. About 20% of all residential permit applications and 2% of all commercial permit applications for new construction (with complex reviews) are participating in the Priority Green Expedited program.