Family-Sized Housing White Paper Released by Seattle Planning Commission

The Seattle Planning Commission, a volunteer 16-member body that advises the Mayor and City Council, has released a white paper on family-sized housing. The commission’s white paper offers an action agenda to make it easier to find affordable family-sized housing in Seattle. Describing family-size housing as “an essential ingredient to attract and retain families with children in Seattle,” the commission is asking City leaders to pursue an action plan to increase the availability of housing for low- and middle-income families.

Seeking New Commissioners For Seattle Planning Commission

The City of Seattle is looking for candidates to serve on the Seattle Planning Commission beginning in April 2013. Planning commission members are appointed by the Mayor or the City Council to serve renewable, three-year terms. This year, three positions will open in all; one position will be appointed by the Mayor and two will be appointed by the City Council.

DPD Service Outage – Aug. 30 to Sept 5

All DPD web applications will be out of service, due to electrical repairs on Aug. 30 at 5:00 p.m. to Sept. 5 at 8:00 a.m. During the outage, you can still schedule inspections at (206) 684-8900 and file a complaint at (206) 615-0808. Permit and other services will be limited during the interruption. For questions about available services, call (206) 684-8850. Visit on Sept. 4 and Sept. 5 to learn if DPD is back to regular business operations.

Green Code Provisions Open House

The City of Seattle and regional partners are identifying long-term green priorities and developing new code to address climate change.The public can comment on the draft code language at the Green Code Provisions Open House. Staff will be available to answer questions and give feedback to those who want to comment.

Housing Seattle addresses important gaps in Seattle’s housing market

Today the Seattle Planning Commission released Housing Seattle, a report that analyzes housing information from the Census, American Community Survey as well as market data.

“The action strategy we put forward today will help Seattle address important gaps in our housing market and disparities among certain segments of the population,” stated Planning Commission Chair Leslie Miller, “Seattle is a stronger, more prosperous city if we have diversity in people who live and work here.”

City Program Expands, More Buildings to Improve Energy Efficiency

The City of Seattle is sending letters to the owners of 8,000 buildings this week informing them of its new building energy-efficiency program. The program aims to help building owners and managers reduce their energy costs through benchmarking – or measuring and rating a building’s energy performance. By benchmarking, owners get insight into how their building uses – and wastes – energy and can begin identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency and increase savings.