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April 2014
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City Partners with Community to Begin Urban Design Framework for Ballard’s Future

For the past year, Department of Planning and Development and Seattle Department of Transportation have been coordinating with the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth as they have identified issues and opportunities to address as Ballard grows. In response to their work, the addition of RapidRide and potential light rail to Ballard, the City has begun work on an Urban Design Framework (UDF). It will be a collaborative vision and recommendation for urban design, land use, transportation and other strategies that will guide future development while ensuring Ballard’s people and places thrive. We’ll look at a larger area to understand the context, but the focus of work is on where we are likely to see continued development and change in the coming years (see map).


Seattle Comprehensive Plan Major Update EIS Scoping

DPD is scoping an environmental impact statement (EIS) that will evaluate the City’s Comprehensive Plan update. The EIS will examine the possible impacts under three different growth scenarios. On March 24, we held a public meeting to discuss the three alternatives and to get public feedback on whether we’re looking at the right alternatives. Did you miss the meeting? DPD is holding five more meetings about the EIS planning alternatives in April. We’ll be in several communities throughout Seattle.


City Council to Review Small Lot Development Regulations

Last year, the City established interim standards limiting lot area exceptions and the height of homes on some undersized lots that qualify for separate development. This decision was made in response to residents of single-family neighborhoods who were concerned that certain developments on undersized lots in single-family zones were incompatible with their surroundings. The interim regulations extend until September 2014 or until they are replaced by permanent regulations.


Council to Review Proposed Micro-Housing Regulations

Mayor Ed Murray delivered proposed new regulations for micro-housing to the City Council in late March. The regulations would clarify how zoning rules apply to micro-housing and congregate residences. Regulations would also require design review of new projects. The City Council will review the proposed new rules, beginning with the first briefing of the Council’s Planning Land Use and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee, tentatively scheduled for April 18, 2014.


Seattle 2035: Guiding Principles Workshop

On March 3, join us for a workshop on the nine guiding principles behind the Comprehensive Plan update. The guiding principles are statements about our city’s challenges and opportunities–economic opportunity, growth, climate change, community health, transit, strategic investment and innovation. They emerged from public engagement conducted in 2011, and were adopted by City Council in 2012. DPD wants your perspective about how these principles can shape the plan.


Lower Downtown Urban Center and Roosevelt Environmental Review Thresholds in April

In the City’s designated Urban Centers and in Urban Villages with light rail stations, the requirement for conducting SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) environmental review changes based on the amount of growth that has occurred. When growth reaches 90 percent of the “targets” set in the 2004 Comprehensive Plan for individual centers and villages, environmental review is required for smaller-sized projects.


Ballard Urban Design Framework Plan Underway

DPD has completed an existing conditions report to provide a platform of facts and analysis in support of creating an urban design framework (UDF) for the central Ballard area. As we develop the Ballard UDF, we are collaborating with the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth, as well as conducting broad community outreach. Our planning will address four central issues.


Seattle 2035 Updates

Have you been to a Seattle 2035 open house or event yet? Over 300 people came on January 30 for a Seattle 2035 Open House and Big Ideas presentations. Some of Seattle’s big thinkers shared their exciting, out of the box ideas about Seattle’s future. See the full recap on our website,


Request for Qualifications for Capitol Hill Station Area

Sound Transit released a request for qualifications (RFQ) for the Capitol Hill Station Sites Planning project on January 31 for their property near the corner of Denny and Broadway. Responses are due on March 24. This RFQ is the result of several years of collaboration between the community, Sound Transit, and the City of Seattle.


Christine Gaspar: Designing for Democracy

Join us for an open house about Seattle 2035, a yearlong citywide conversation about how Seattle should grow over the next 20 years. After the Open House, Christine Gaspar, Executive Director of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), will speak about how this New York-based non-profit uses art and design to improve public participation in shaping the built environment.