Effective Date for Seattle’s Shoreline Master Program

The Washington Department of Ecology approved Seattle’s updated Shoreline Master Program on June 1. It will take effect on June 15. Local shoreline master programs are a cornerstone of the state’s Shoreline Management Act, approved by voters in 1971. Seattle’s shoreline program will result in the balanced management of nearly 100 miles of marine, lake, and estuarine shorelines throughout the city.

New Pedestrian Zones are Mapped

On May 15, 2015, the City Council adopted Ordinance 124770 amending the Land Use Code, rezoning to add or expand a Pedestrian designation in 42 neighborhoods, and modifying the development standards that apply in Pedestrian zones to meet the changing needs of these neighborhood business districts.

Making a Vibrant 35th Ave

DPD is considering zoning changes to the neighborhood business districts along 35th Ave NE (at 65th, 75th, 85th, and 95th Streets) to provide more opportunities for retail goods and services. This rezone could involve changing some areas currently zoned for low rise development to neighborhood commercial, increasing the height allowed in existing neighborhood commercial zones from 30 feet to 40 feet, and designating the business districts at 65th and 95th Streets as pedestrian zones.

Seattle 2035 Open House and Public Hearing Recap

Nearly 100 people attended last week’s Seattle 2035 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Open House and Public Hearing to learn more about four growth alternatives and to provide their thoughts for how Seattle should grow over the next 20 years. From what we heard, the most important topics were transportation, affordable housing, and parks and open spaces.

City Seeking Community Input on Projects in Delridge

The City of Seattle is collaborating with the North Delridge community to produce a shared vision and action plan to continue improving the health and equity of the Delridge community. Delridge is an area in West Seattle with a rich heritage that is home to diverse communities and organizations. Over the years, the residents of […]

Delridge Projects Workshop

Join us at the event to join your neighbors to provide direction on the North Delridge Action Plan, help design future multimodal improvements to Delridge Way, and learn about Longfellow Creek Basin Natural Drainage Systems.

Seattle 2035: Draft Environmental & Equity Analyses Published

Today the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) released for public comment a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan Update. This a major milestone towards an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan which plots a 20-year vision and roadmap for Seattle’s future growth and livability. The Draft EIS provides detailed information on various growth alternatives, their potential impacts to the environment, and proposed mitigation strategies. The City wants your voice to be heard as we refine strategies for accommodating growth for the benefit of all.

Seeking Feedback for Seattle’s Ballard Urban Design and Coordinated Transportation Study

In response to ongoing development, the community’s desire to retain Ballard’s character, and Sound Transit’s planning for light rail to Ballard, DPD and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are working with neighborhood groups organized as the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth. Through Move Ballard, we will engage community members to recommend innovative solutions for enhancing the transportation environment for all, regardless of how they travel to and through the area. The collaboration will develop an Urban Design Framework and a Multimodal Transportation Plan that articulate a shared vision. The collaboration will also develop strategies to guide future development and transportation investment while ensuring Ballard’s people and places thrive.

Council Approved the Shoreline Master Program Updates

The final Shoreline Master Program regulations were passed by City Council on April 6, and signed by Mayor Murray on April 10, 2015 (Ordinance 124750). This ordinance completes Seattle’s requirement to comply with the 2003 Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Guidelines established by the Department of Ecology under the Shoreline Management Act (SMA). The last major update of the City’s SMP was in 1987.