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January 2015
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Tag: director’s rules

December Publication Updates

DPD released three draft Director’s Rules in December. The rule implementing the fee subtitle will be effective Jan 1, 2015.


September Publication Updates

DPD published four updated Tips and one new Tip, four draft Director’s Rules, and two new Director’s Rules, and superseded one Director’s Rule.


August Publication Updates

DPD updated a Tip about subdivisions and released a draft Director’s Rule about commercial kitchen exhaust hood and ducts. We published four new Director’s rules about elevator seismic design, sprinkler systems, boarding house code requirements, and registration of steel fabricators.


July Publication Updates

We four Tips, created a new Tip, released four draft Director’s Rules, and rescinded a Director’s Rule.


April Publication Updates

DPD updated three Tips and released three final Director’s Rules in April.


March Publication Updates

We pulled Tip 340 on townhouse and duplex construction and published a draft director’s rule about SEPA review thresholds.


February Publication Updates

DPD released a final Director’s Rule about personal wireless facilities in all zones.


January Publication Updates

DPD released two draft Director’s Rules regarding registration for rental properties in Seattle.


November Publication Updates

DPD published a draft Director’s Rule about implementing the fee subtitle. We also published a final Director’s Rule on tenant relocation assistance and five final joint DPD / SDOT Director’s Rules.


October Publication Updates

DPD released a new Tip on businesses involved with Marijuana, an updated Tip about subdivisions, and two draft Director’s Rules related to rental housing.