Electrical Alert – Seattle Energy Code Changes!

The 2012 Seattle Energy Code went into effect December 27, 2013. The date of your project’s associated building permit application will determine which version of the energy code applies to your project. If your building permit application is dated before December 27, 2013, we will review your electrical plans under the 2009 Seattle Energy Code. All other electrical plan review submissions must comply with the 2012 Energy Code.

2012 Code Books are Available

The 2012 Seattle Building, Existing Building, Residential, and Mechanical code books are available from DPD. You can purchase codes from the our Public Resource Center on the 20th floor of Seattle Municipal Tower at 700 Fifth Ave.

Revised Date for Adoption of 2012 Codes

The City Council Energy and Environment Committee is tentatively scheduled to review the 2012 Seattle building, residential, existing building, mechanical, fuel gas, and plumbing codes on August 13. The Seattle Energy Code may be heard at a later meeting.

2012 Codes Adoption Update

The 2012 editions of the Seattle Building, Residential, Existing Building, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Energy and Plumbing codes are finding their way through the city legislative process. We will post drafts of the legislation on our website in early June.

Revised Effective Date for 2012 Codes

DPD is revising the schedule for adoption of the 2012 editions of the Seattle building, residential, existing building, mechanical, fuel gas, energy, and plumbing codes. We are going to specify that the codes will become mandatory no earlier than October 13, 2013.

2012 Code Adoption Update

DPD is on schedule for new editions of seven codes to take effect next summer or fall. Public review of the 2012 Seattle building, residential, existing building, mechanical, fuel gas, energy and plumbing codes is almost complete. We expect the ordinances adopting these codes to take effect this summer, followed by a 60-day period during which applicants can use either the 2009 or 2012 codes.

2012 Seattle Energy Code Development

Washington State has amended the 2012 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). With each new edition of the energy code, Seattle enacts additional rules to reduce the amount of energy consumed by non-residential buildings. A limited set of new Seattle amendments will be proposed for the 2012 Seattle code, based on the 2012 IECC.

2012 Energy Codes Take Shape

The State Building Code Council is now finalizing amendments to the 2012 Washington State Energy Code. This will be a modified version of the 2012 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) instead of our current “home-grown” state code, so it will have an entirely new format. The Seattle Energy Code amendments will carry forward a number of existing Seattle requirements, dispense with a few others, and add some new ones. Both the state and Seattle codes constitute incremental steps towards our long-term conservation targets.