Development Agreement Proposed for Capitol Hill Light Rail Station Sites

In October of 2011, the Urban Design Framework for the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station Sites was finalized. The Framework articulated a vision of the community for the redevelopment of the station sites, offering development guidance and design guidance to the future developers of the station sites. Shortly after the Framework was finalized, City and Sound Transit staff began negotiations on the terms of a development agreement that if approved by both the City and Sound Transit Board would outline development standards for the station sites that that vary from otherwise applicable development regulations in order to achieve goals outlined in the Framework. Those terms were outlined in a term sheet in October 2012 that describes the intended commitments by the City and Sound Transit to follow some of the development guidance offered in the Urban Design Framework.

The proposed development agreement has been drafted and will be considered by the Seattle City Council later this summer. Site-specific design guidelines that describe the design guidance are also proposed to be adopted by Seattle City Council. On May 13, 2013, the City published the SEPA determination and SEPA checklist on the legislation that recommends approval of the development agreement and site-specific design guidelines. Other documents available include the proposed legislation, the SEPA notice, the Director’s Report and Sound Transit’s Coordinated Development Plan (revised May 2013).

Legislation documents:
Proposed legislation
Proposed development agreement
Proposed site-specific design guidelines

Director’s Report

SEPA documents:
SEPA notice
SEPA checklist
SEPA determination

Other referenced documents:
Urban Design Framework
Sound Transit Coordinated Development Plan (revised May 2013)