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October 2014
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CityLink Seattle

Storm Drain Insert Reminder

With onset of the rainy season, DPD is reminding builders working in Seattle to inspect and maintain any temporary storm drain inserts they have installed as part of construction projects. The inserts, also known as storm drain socks, are used on many construction projects to catch sediment not captured upstream by other construction-related erosion control devices.   [More]

Construction Codes Advisory Board Seeking Three Representatives

Mayor Edward Murray is seeking candidates for three vacant positions on Seattle’s Construction Codes Advisory Board. The current open positions are for representatives of the following professions or categories: Electrical Contractors; Developers or Contractors of Residential Properties; General Public.  [More]

Seeking Architect for Seattle Design Commission

Mayor Murray is looking for a new Architect member of the Seattle Design Commission to fill an upcoming vacancy. The term will begin in March 2015.  [More]

Superior Court Decision on Micro-Housing

In a project-specific Superior Court decision issued August 13, 2014, a judge ruled that individual bedrooms having private bathrooms and food preparation areas within them were configured for use as separate dwelling units, and must be regulated accordingly. In light of the court’s reasoning, the DPD has re-examined other similar projects currently under review. DPD has concluded that the individual rooms within any proposed development having an identical or substantially similar arrangement also must be regulated as separate dwelling units. Environmental (SEPA) and Design Review thresholds will be calculated based on the number of rooms so configured.  [More]

Reminder: Time to Apply for Grading Season Extension

The rainy season is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to think about whether you will be doing any grading between November 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. If your project includes Geotechnical Special Inspections AND if your project is in an environmentally critical area or involves a large quantity of earth-moving, check the Geotechnical Special Inspection assignment letter DPD sent you shortly after your permit was issued.   [More]

Pedestrian Retail Areas – Project Update

DPD has been studying a variety of areas around the city to encourage new, and protect existing, walkable neighborhood business districts. We met and talked with community groups about our preliminary recommendations, and conducted an online survey that closed April 30th. We have reviewed the feedback we received and prepared updated analysis and recommendations.   [More]

Van Accessible Parking Stalls

DPD would like to make sure that architects are aware of the code requirements for vertical clearances for van accessible parking. Seattle’s Building Code (SBC) and other standards require accessible van parking to have specific vertical clearances.   [More]

August Permit Turnaround Times

View permit turnaround times for August 2014.  [More]

Rainier Beach Station Area: Food Innovation Zone and Proposed Rezone

DPD’s Community Development team is preparing an urban design and development framework, and rezone legislation, to submit to City Council by the end of the year. Our rezone legislation is based on land use recommendations by the Rainier Beach community in their 2012 neighborhood plan update.   [More]

Lake City Urban Design Framework

DPD is working with the Lake City community to develop an Urban Design Framework (UDF) that will establish a clear vision for future development in the neighborhood. The UDF will identify implementation actions for both the public and the private sector to realize the shared vision.  [More]