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April Publication Updates

SDCI updated four Tips and published two draft Director’s Rules on relocation assistance payments.

March Publication Updates

SDCI updated a Tip on demolition and deconstruction and created a new Tip about transitional encampment permits.

November Publication Updates

November 2023 Publication Updates

Introducing Our New Residential Inspection Quick Sheets!

SDCI is committed to providing you with the best possible service and support throughout your residential building projects. We understand that the inspection process can sometimes feel overwhelming, and that’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new Residential Inspection Quick Sheets! Our Residential Inspection Quick Sheets are guides designed to help give transparency to the inspection process by understanding what our inspectors are looking for during inspections.

August Publication Updates

SDCI published several updated Tips, two draft Director’s Rules about trees, and three final Director’s Rules.

July Publication Updates

We have updated three Tips and published two draft Director’s Rules and two final Director’s Rules about trees. The final Director’s Rules and one of the draft rules are about the new tree code.

June Publication Updates

We updated two Tips and published four Director’s Rules. The Director’s Rules include draft rules on tree protection and SEPA requirement exemptions.

December Publication Updates

We updated Tips on tree code, mechanical permits, and registering rental property and published two new Tips about tree requirements. We published the final Director’s Rule on implementing the 2023 fee subtitle.

November Publication Updates

In November we published 2 new Tips about the new Tree Regulations, updated a Tip on how to legalize a non-permitted use, and published a Director’s Rule that sets the standards for reviewing applications to establish uses for the record.

October Publication Updates

SDCI published a new Tip on parking studies, rescinded a Tip on installation for wood and coal burning appliances, and published a final Director’s Rule regarding the administration of the tree service provider registry.