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April 2014
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Archive for 'Code Updates'

Changes to Priority Green Expedited Adopted

DPD has implemented new requirements for Priority Green Expedited, a green building permitting incentive. The program information and details can be found on our Priority Green Expedited web page.


Unreinforced Masonry Retrofit Policy Development Update

DPD has reconvened the URM Policy Committee to review the Benefits Cost Analysis (BCA) and to confirm or amend draft recommendations for a mandatory retrofit policy. The committee held two meetings in March to hear a presentation on the BCA and to start a discussion on how the results may trigger changes to the draft recommendations.


Council Adopts Updated Design Guidelines

We are happy to announce that on December 16, 2013, the City Council approved new citywide design guidelines and 18 sets of revised neighborhood-specific design guidelines. The new citywide guidelines replace the guidelines originally drafted in 1993 and entitled Design Review: Guidelines for Multifamily and Commercial Buildings, with the updated version entitled Seattle Design Guidelines.


Construction and Demolition Material Management

Not all construction and demolition waste needs to end up in a landfill. In fact, much of that material can be recycled and even reused. With thoughtful consideration, developing a plan for how each material can be managed prior to the start of a project will help to ensure materials are handled in the most sustainable way. Therefore, new requirements for both the 2012 Seattle Building and Residential Codes ask that a Waste Diversion Plan is submitted with your application for all projects greater than 750 square feet. The plan should identify assumed waste materials, the hauler, and the receiving location for each material.


2013 Land Use Code “Omnibus” Ordinance Adopted by Council

DPD is responsible for normal maintenance of the Land Use Code, which includes packaging a collection of amendments that are relatively small in scale, and have a limited scope of impact, into an “omnibus” ordinance. These amendments correct typographical errors, fix section references, and clarify existing code language. The latest omnibus Ordinance, Council Bill 117952, was adopted by City Council on December 16 and will become effective in mid-January 2014.


2014 Seattle Electrical Code Update

DPD’s Electrical Program is reviewing the Seattle Electrical Code for changes in 2014. The last code change was in 2008, so it is time for an update.


DPD 2014 Fees

On Jan. 1, 2014, DPD’s new Fee Ordinance will go into effect. There are no changes to development fees other than the adoption by rule of the latest building valuation data (BVD) table. The table establishes construction cost values by occupancy and construction type, which are then used to assess permit fees. This year there is an increase in permit fees of approximately 2 to 3 percent.


2012 Code Books are Available

The 2012 Seattle Building, Existing Building, Residential, and Mechanical code books are available from DPD. You can purchase codes from the our Public Resource Center on the 20th floor of Seattle Municipal Tower at 700 Fifth Ave.


2012 Codes Become Mandatory This Month

The 2012 Seattle building, energy, residential, mechanical, fuel gas, existing building, plumbing and fire codes were approved by the City Council on September 16. The 60-day transition period ends late this month.


Seattle Stormwater Code & Manuals Update Open House

Please join us to learn more about the current status of the Seattle Stormwater Code and Manuals Update project. We will be meeting on November 7, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the Seattle Municipal Tower, Suite 4901.